COMSOFIL launches online examination


COMSOFIL Riyadh launched its first online examination during the class of Basic Fiber Optic (India class) last Friday (22 January 2016). This project was spearheaded by BOT Juanichi Ulanday in cooperation with BOT secretary Mary Grace S. Mendoza and BODs 2016 headed by President Erlinda Ulita. The examinees were assisted by VP Education Ricardo F. Cacharo Jr. with the help of engineering support staff headed by VP Engineering Ramil Sumile.

It is a very great experience to provide COMSOFIL members the latest trends in the field of Information and Communication Technology. This online examination will help them prepare for any certification they might take in advancing their career in the future. Other COMSOFIL instructors are also preparing their online lessons to be used by their students. Indeed, another milestone not only for COMSOFIL but to the members as well.



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