Edwin A. Fontiveros


He is one of the founding members of COMSOFIL and is still active for the 20 years of operation of the society. He was the VP-Finance in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 and is considered as the mentor of the next VP-Finance for he is an Accountant by profession. He was able to share his knowledge on how to handle the finances of the society. He is a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist. He taught Computer Fundamentals, MS Access, MS Excel, Accounting for Non-Accountants and Peach Tree Accounting.
He is currently the Finance Manager of Saudi Investment Bank. He was able to able to climb the ladder of success through hardwork and dedication since he started as accounting clerk then as chief accountant, junior accountant, senior accountant until he reached his current position now.
He can say that his stay in the Kingdom for 30 years has been very worthwhile since he was able to put up a business for his family. They have franchised a convenience store and has a business partner in their gasoline station. He doesn’t have to worry for his retirement and can start enjoying the prime of his life.
Start saving. Start investing.


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