On January 2014, Benjamin F. Cabaya, Jr. headed the COMSOFIL as President. INDUCTION of OFFICER and oath taking of new members was held at ELITE International School wherein the general membership was able to attend and witness the induction for the first time. A successful LEADERSHIP TRAINING Program headed by BOT Juanichi Ulanday was conducted and attended diligently by the volunteer staffs most specially the Board of Directors. It made the operation effective, efficient, smooth sailing throughout the year. Class Cards were introduced to monitor the attendance of all cluster participants. The LOGO’s use during COMSOFIL Activities was also standardized for IT Olympics and Sports as designed by BOD Antonio “Ekart” Gayeta. One Color Uniform to all staff was implemented to identify all as one volunteer for COMSOFIL. New ID Machine and 2pcs of Mikrotik Broadband gadget were procured. Significant clusters were opened namely Practical Electricity, Mikrotik (networking-3) and Fiber Optic. Fiber Optic was very much in demand, hence, COMSOFIL made sure that the quality of knowledge transfer is met. Certification exam for the Fiber Optic graduates was conducted. President Benjamin “Benjie” Cabaya ,together with VP Education Mary Grace Mendoza, VP Engineering Cecilio Lungcay and BOT Chairman 2014 Adolfo Muga Jr went to Jeddah and conducted a one-day CCTV seminar for Jeddah Chapter. The highlight during the seminar was the communication made using IP Camera as demonstration on the advancement of CCTV. COMSOFIL upheld its cooperation and service to the Filipino Community by actively participating in the Philippine Professional Organization (PPO) activities. We assisted PPO in the Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE) during registration and preparation and participated in the PPO Bowling and Basketball tournaments. COMSOFIL was tapped by POLO-OWWA Labor Attaché Rustico Dela Fuente in spearheading the re-launching of Mag-Impok Mag-Magnegosyo Movement (OM3) in cooperation with several organizations in Saudi Arabia including PPO members. Through the expertise of COMSOFIL a music video was made and highlighted during the visit of DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz at Philippine Embassy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

On January 2013, with President Domingo P. Herras on the lead, Comsofil reached out to the OFWs in Second Industrial City by giving out scholarship certificates to six “kababayans” sponsored by COMSOFIL BOTs during the “OFW Gift Giving 2012”, organized by Mr. Nomer Cuartero. The ICT educational outreach program was held in the Second Industrial City inside Riyadh Velvet factory attended by other Filipino communities in the industrial area in coordination with POLO-OWWA and Mr. Nomer Cuartero of Western Union. COMSOFIL also donated to Bantay Bata the amount of SR2,221 during turn-over of donations ceremonies hosted by PPO-CRSA in the presence of Bantay Bata 163 Project Director Tina Monzon-Palma. It is also during this year that the first COMSOFIL Badminton Club (CBC) inter-color tournament was organized by its founder BOD Norma M. Noble.

The COMSOFIL MTV was launched in 2012 with Leonida A. Manuel as the President of COMSOFIL, the first Lady President in the history of COMSOFIL. The COMSOFIL song was composed by former BOD and facilitator Joseph P. Valenzuela in 2005 and the music video was directed by  BOT Adolfo S. Muga Jr. Ten computers had been transferred to Dammam Chapter during this year. One of the multi-national and the most prestigious Philippine Television network worldwide – the ABS-CBN Global Television Network and UGAT Foundation, Inc. had chosen COMSOFIL as one of the recipients of the prestigious award in the “Search for the First Gawad Geny Lopez, Jr. Global Bayaning Pilipino Award 2012” as finalist awardee. COMSOFIL on Wheels (COW) Philippine Embassy ICT Refresher Workshop for the embassy staff was conducted in the same year. Also COMSOFIL extended help to typhoon Pablo victims in the amount of SR4,884.00.

Danilo B. Cortez term (January – December 2011) sow the birth of another COMSOFIL chapter, the Western Region (Jeddah) Chapter. Also during this year, COMSOFIL Basketball team won for the second time around back to back in the PPO championship. The said team also bagged the championship title in the Elite International School Invitational Tournament. In this year, Danilo B. Cortez consistently implemented the official activities of the Society and involvement of several community activities outside COMSOFIL.

On January 2010, Salvador S. Villalino’s term was completed successfully with flying colors. COMSOFIL’s highest achievement in the history of the Society is the conferment of the Society by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), Office of the President of the Philippines as one of the most outstanding Filipino organizations overseas (representing Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), thereby conferring the “2010 PRESIDENTIAL BANAAG AWARD” – in recognition of the Society’s contribution to the Filipino community. COMSOFIL Certification program was also launched, an equivalent to industry certification program i.e., Microsoft and Cisco to certify the knowledge and skills acquired by the members from the Society’s ICT training. It is also during this year that the COMSOFIL Basketball team won in the Philippine Professional Organization (PPO), Central Region, KSA championship for the first time. Likewise, COMSOFIL Bowling team emerged as the champion for the first time.

Rod N. Ganzon was elected president. In this year, COMSOFIL achieved the highest number of graduates, 1,229 graduates in the first semester and almost the same in the second semester. It was also on this year that the use of laptops was introduced, to ease up the burden of setting up the desktop computers, which are heavy and very difficult to setup. New clusters were introduced, namely, Digital Photography and Digital Video Production and got the most number of enrollees at that time.

The 2008 President Romwald P. Miranda achieved the highest number of enrollees in his term as it had 1,200 graduates and consistently continued the official events such as cluster program, annual IT Olympics and Cyberclash Inter-School IT Olympics. In collaboration with TOC, the Speechcraft program was implemented, a communication skills development program exclusively for the members of the Society in the service to the Filipino community in line with the mission and vision of the Society.

Under the leadership of Adolfo S. Muga, Jr. in 2007, “CyberClash” Inter-School IT Olympics was organized in parallel with COMSOFIL IT OLYMPICS. Cyberclash is an IT competition wherein students from different Philippine schools in the kingdom competed with each other. Participants undergo a free ICT training from COMSOFIL’s instructors. The first cyberclash was held in the Philippine Embassy participated by 11 schools of 3rd and 4th year High School students. The COMSOFIL plastic ID was made, the first Filipino organization using it as the official ID of COMSOFIL. The Cluster Cell educational program was created to cater to the demand of group of Filipinos from various institutions that are in need of ICT training for work related activities. MCDF company tapped COMSOFIL as ACAD mentor of their Filipino Carpentry employees in the 2nd Industrial City. The Society participated and sponsored major projects and community services outside Society in this year and had an opportunity to promote the Society’s mission and vision that influenced our “kababayans” to register and be a member of the Society. The first symbolic key of COMSOFIL was introduced when it was handed over by the outgoing President Adolfo S. Muga, Jr. (2007) to incoming President Romwald P. Miranda during the induction of Board of Directors 2008 signifying transfer of responsibility.

Nomer C. Cenil was the President during the period January 2006 to December 2006. A memorabilia yearbook project, proposed by former BOD Susan Marzan and named as Technocrat by Robert L. Malitao was launched. IT Olympics was part of his term. This unique educational competition creates a venue wherein members of the Society work as a team and the importance of working together boosts the morale and confidence of its members. In this same event, free medical and dental services were provided by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Medical Medical Association (KSAMMA), which is founded by Susan Marzan.

During the tenure of Arsenio N. Trigo from January 2005 to December 2005the Society opened its doors to COMSOFIL chaptering as part of COMSOFIL’s expansion program in the Kingdom. Eastern Province (Dammam, Saudi Arabia) Chapter was fully affiliated as Comsofil’s first chapter on November 2005. Also during this period, the Bits & Bytes Project was created, a Bahay Kalinga computer training project to give distressed OFWs an opportunity to learn the computer technology. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Society, “COMSOFIL Music Festival” directed by VP/Engineering Adolfo S. Muga, Jr. was held in the Philippine Embassy, a concert for a cause and uniting local pinoy bands in Riyadh. It was during the concert that the COMSOFIL song was launched.

Fermin M. Guevarra stepped in from January 2004 to December 2004. Sports program was launched to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship as its main objectives. An inter-color basketball tournament with ten competing teams from different clusters was held. It was then the COMSOFIL IT Olympics was launched, a convergence of mind in the Information and Communication Technology, authored by Adolfo S. Muga, Jr. IT Olympics was approved by BOTs as official event of the society to be organized annually. The BOTs observed the impact of its educational program that will benefit the Society’s members.

It was in the term of Henry B. McCann, from January 2002 to December 2002 when Megabyte project in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy was initiated, an IT seminar given to OFWs. More equipment were procured to sustain the needs of the cluster class program. It was during this year that COMSOFIL registration with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started and was completed under the administration of Edwin M. Lavin from January 2003 to December 2003. Edwin Lavin also introduced Autocad as a new cluster. “Train the Trainors” seminar/workshop project was also successfully introduced during this year. The main objective of Train the Trainors is to strengthen the teaching capability of all volunteer instructors, assistant instructors and the entire technical staff, Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. Additional facilities and equipment were procured. Maximum of 20 students per cluster was introduced. COMSOFIL website was registered under our very own comsofil.com domain name thru the help of Mr. Domingo Pinsan. Dry seal were introduced in all our certificates.

Marcelino Juanichi Ulanday assumed responsibility as President from January 2001 to December 2001. Class room type of training was introduced which was held every Friday for three months with a total of 24 hours, also called as “Cluster Class Course” and was conducted simultaneously with monthly seminars. COMSOFIL joined the “One Internet Day” organized by Phil InternetCommerce Society. It was also during this year that Toast of COMSOFIL (TOC), the speakers bureau of the Society was organized and chartered. TOC serves to equip the Society’s members with essentials in communication and leadership skills. The first COMSOFIL SPORTS FESTIVAL, a three day event with family fun day was organized to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and socialization among members. Female members were accepted and first PC and projector equipment were acquired. Introduced that the Society should have a formal office in the school. The first formal office was held at Al Shams International School. The first female Board of Director was elected.

In January 2000 to December 2000, Domingo A. Pinsan took the reins. Cluster class was introduced via pilot testing for 1 class of Web Development. Mr. Nomel Gilongos spearheaded this initiative and also the instructor of the Web Development. Acceptance of female members were introduced. Mailing list was introduced as means of information dissemination thru emails. Team building workshops (technology-related) for BOD’s were introduced. First female members were accepted during this time.

From September 1998 to November 1999, Alexander Y. del Pilar took charge as President. During this year, INFOBITS was formally launched. One year term of presidency was introduced. Community Outreach Program was introduced by extending seminars to other Filipino organizations and providing technical support to the Philippine Embassy / POLO-OWWA. COMSOFIL’s first website thru Geocities was also launched .

The presidency was passed over to Manolo C. Benavent for the period April 1996 to August 1998. During this time, INFOBITS, the official newsletter of the Society was conceived. INFOBITS serves as a fresh and freehand news information source among Comsofil officers, technical staff as well as active members. Manolo Benavent intensified the importance of ICT seminars and its benefits so various ICT seminars were held every month.

On November 10, 1995, Computer Society of Filipinos, International or COMSOFIL was founded under the presidency of the founding officer Rolando Corpuz and now a Board of Trustee. BOT is a body composed of former Presidents of the Society who successfully completed their term and others are incorporators (composed of founding officers and members). The establishment of the society was further identified by the logo designed by another founding officer Rolando P. Salcedo. COMSOFIL started with a group of parents of Philippine International School in Riyadh. But COMSOFIL officers foresaw the other way around on how to be of help and service to the community. It was then a seminar type program was launched. The overview seminars were held mostly in hotels.


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