Instructors and Asst. Instructors Meeting


A simple initiative may lead to something remarkable. The first COMSOFIL Instructors meeting was held last January 15, Friday. It was a wonderful experience on my part because I had never hosted a meeting before but it was a great outcome with the help of BOT Jun Muga as the counterpart for Education and AVP Educ Richard Liboon as my co- speaker.
The opening program started by registration of the attendees upon their arrival. Invocation led by former VP-Engineering 2015, Mr. Cecilio Lungcay followed by a short speech of our beloved President 2016, Ms. Erlinda Ulita. And it also warmth my heart in simple ways being welcomed and introduced as the new VP for Education. Next in line was the presentation of BOT Jun Muga for ICT Career Path.
Furthermore, I mentioned the topics to be discussed and introduced the new instructors for their prepared presentation with regards to their cluster outline. The first presenter was led by Mr. Antonio Candido who discussed CISCO Entry Level . Followed by Mr. Randel Dacula who talked about Autocad. And lastly, Mr. Jojo Soriano who shared his knowledge about PC Technician Course. Through their presentations, they showed some new teaching tactics and strategies to be able to apply to their students and co- instructors as well.
The meeting was also participated by BOT Benjamin Cabaya Jr. He humbly braced the meeting which made it extra meaningful thru his topic about the Technical to Non- Technical topic and it was very much appreciated by the crowd. In addition to this, we aknowledged the presence of the Board of Directors from Hail Chapter, who came to us for a visit and PRO Ronel Pabico gave some of our manuals. We also promoted the E-Learning seminar through our new COMSOFIL website prepared by BOT Juanichi Ulanday.
The closing program was ended by my short message and expressed my gratitude and appreciation to those attended the meeting. I presented my programs/ projects in my tenure, and will continuously give my service for the improvement and development of the society and to our fellow kababayan.
Overall, it was a meaningful and an educating meeting that will surely give value to all attendees.

Thank you,
VP- Educ Ricky


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