What We Do


COMSOFIL provides continuous education programs through Information Technology seminars, while maintaining stategic partnership with leading IT solution providers and other community
organizations in developing relevant and practical skills training programs for the benefit of Filipino expatriates based in Riyadh. Courses ranging from basic to advance know-how in computer use.

The Society also takes pride in the establishment of the Toast of COMSOFIL – the Society’s exclusive Toastmaster club, equipping members, the essential skills in public speaking and personality development.

COMSOFIL also encourages sportsmanship and camaraderie through sports tournaments and recreational activities.  The annual IT Olympics play a vital role in the history of COMSOFIL as the objective is in line with the society’s educational program. In which members will compete each other and apply the acquired kxnowledge and skills from their respective cluster course.

Today, as technologies evolve and advancement on modern day computing creates impact on business and individual lifestyles, COMSOFIL is poised to continue carrying out its mission in developing globally competitive Filipinos around the world by expanding its reach and serving more of our “kababayans” — the Filipino Overseas Workers.


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